Technology is too important to remain in the realm of the .01%.

Yet only a tiny minority, in hubs like Silicon Valley, create these digital experiences for the rest of the world. Our hands-on experiences empower kids to become makers, creators, and shapers of the technologies we use everyday.


Encourage the budding innovator

...and artist, inventor, scientist, engineer, musician, maker, artist, explorer, designer, creator, detective, tinkerer, storyteller.

Our kids can do so much. Why limit them to one path? Using songs, sounds, dance, music and words, Mochi navigates our children through endless adventures as they explore the world through play.


Unlock hours of fulfilling play

Everything you need to get started to learn with Mochi is included in our core kit. Our learning library includes 12 additional adventures to learn, code, and play with Mochi!

Take your kids away from the screen

Mochi is built for screen-free, at-home play. School is out, summer is here, and Mochi is always ready to learn with you.

With Mochi, our children can have healthy and safe play experiences while learning the basics of coding. Screen-free play protects our children’s eyes and sparks their imagination and creativity.

Every day, technology is changing the way we live.


Let’s democratize the way our children learn and consume technology so that they, too, can be equipped to shape the future. 


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Where will Mochi take you?


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