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Creativity Box.org

Raise creators,

not consumers

Technology is too important to remain in the realm of the .01%. Yet only a tiny minority, in hubs like Silicon Valley, create these digital experiences for the rest of the world. Our hands-on experiences empower kids to see themselves as capable makers, creators, and shapers of the technologies we use everyday.

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Encourage the budding innovator

...and artist, inventor, scientist, engineer, musician, maker, artist, explorer, designer, creator, detective, tinkerer, storyteller.

Our kids can do so much. Why limit them to one path? Using songs, sounds, dance, music and words, Mochi navigates our children through endless adventures as they explore the world through play.


Unlock hours of self-directed play

Everything your little one needs to start learning with Mochi is included in our core kit. The Mochi learning library includes 12 additional adventures to learn, code, and play with Mochi.



Where will Mochi take you today? Every adventure begins with a story. Our read-aloud block ensures that young, budding readers can follow along, encouraging early childhood literacy. 


Use coding blocks and programming board to create algorithms and sequences, telling Mochi where to go and what to do.


Your programing board gives voice feedback and sing songs. When movement blocks are placed into the board, the board will tell you where you're going. With sound blocks, the board will play music and fun songs like Wheels on the Bus and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.


Once basic commands and functions are mastered, the sky is the limit. It's up to you where to go in Mochi land!

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Take your kids away from the screen

Mochi is built for safe, screen-free play. School is out, summer is here, and Mochi is ready to learn.

With Mochi, our children can have healthy and safe play experiences while learning the basics of coding. Screen-free play protects our children’s eyes and sparks their imagination and creativity.

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Champion a better way to play

Studies show that the information children process before age 9 has the biggest impact on their adult lives.

That's why we focus on early childhood: a magical time filled with exploration and discovery. From the very beginning, Mochi was built for growing brains and curious hands.


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Where will Mochi take you?

Pick your favorite story from our extensive adventure library. Explore the planets, colors, ABCs, 123s, the inside of a plant cell, Earth's biomes, and more!